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Wednesday, 15 January 2014 23:04

My neighbor’s insurance company is replacing their roof, but I have no damage?

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I pull up to do an inspection on a home in a tightly packed neighborhood.  I notice right away several trucks and a dumpster in the neighbor’s driveway.  I also find a crew of workers on their roof and could hear the air compressor over my car. Instantly I knew why I was there.  As I ring the doorbell, the insured comes to the door and states her claim... "My neighbor’s insurance company said they had hail damage so I must need a new roof as well".  After I complete my inspection, I climb down the ladder to a conversation I know will be frustrating and confusing to the customer.


As an adjuster for a large carrier, this seems to be an issue that was ever too common.  I would inspect a roof 20 feet from a newly replaced roof and not find enough damage to replace it.   The customer questions your knowledge and motive.

While knowledge could potentially come into play, I can assure you the average adjuster has no motive to either accept or deny a claim.


There are several factors that come into play with this particular scenario. The first depends on your carrier.  All insurance companies have different guidelines to determine whether or not a roof needs replaced.  For example, Insurance A needs 8 hail hits in a 100 square feet area on four directional slopes. Each hit needs to have bruising, broken matting and an indention on the shingle.  Insurance B may only need 2 hits per 100 square feet on only 2 slopes with bruising being the mark they use for damage.

The other factor would be the specifics of the home. Such as, roof age, roofing material, layers, ventilation, pitch, the direction the home faces and tree coverage to name a few.


If you run into this issue with your carrier, here are a few tips to get the answer you deserve:


  • Ask the adjuster what their guidelines are for damage and amount of damage.
  • Call 3 or more local and trusted roofing companies to come out and inspect the roof for hail damage.
  • Call the supervisor of the adjuster and request a reinspection.
  • Ask all people who inspect the roof to take photos demonstrating the damage and document their inspection.


Home Claim Solutions has licensed adjusters and roofers on staff that are here to help you get through these issues.




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